Tyre Accessories

With a range of portable air compressors and air accessories, having the right equipment with you is essential for fixing any tyre related issues you may have, from repairing a flat tyre to dropping the pressures.

Portable Air Compressors
Engineered to suit any off road adventure, ARB portable compressors come complete with a 6 metre/20ft air hose, inflation kit, battery clips, hard mounted activation switch and professional circuit protection. Available in either high output or maximum performance, each kit is housed in a durable carry case for protection and practicality.

High Output - For easy carrying and storage, this portable air compressor is constructed from lightweight, high grade materials and comes mounted in a durable case.
Maximum Performance - For high flow air on demand, the maximum performance portable air compressor is an ideal solution for air tools, inflating tyres and camping or leisure gear.

Air Accessories
The air systems range combines a host of ARB’s proven air related accessories with a new range of components designed to provide an all-in-one solution for equipping a vehicle front to back with on-board air.

> Air systems components
> ARB air chuck with clip
> Digital tyre inflator
> Aluminium air tank
> Air locker manifold kit
> Pump up kit
> ARB push-on air chuck
> Air pressure gauges, inflators and deflators

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