Old Man Emu Suspension

Why Old Man Emu?
Suspension systems, especially when referring to 4WDs, are extremely complex. Determining the right solution for each 4WD requires special attention to many factors, with weight being the most critical. Old Man Emu 4x4 suspension by ARB approaches this in a unique way.

Instead of offering a compilation of parts that have been chosen primarily to increase the vehicle’s ride height, OME 4x4 suspension provides a range of tuned, matched and integrated systems, each offering optimum levels of comfort, load carrying capability and control characteristics. Part of this process involves tailoring the shock absorber valving to work with the different springs in our range, often resulting in two or three shock absorber part numbers being available for an individual vehicle.

The complete Old Man Emu suspension range incorporates more than just 4x4 shock absorbers and springs. At ARB, we take integration to the highest level with our own selection of bushes, U bolts, centre bolts, spring liners, trim packers and suspension fitting kits.

Nitrocharger Sport Shock Absorbers
The Nitrocharger Sport range takes the next step in vehicle specific valving and offers the most cohesive, balanced and finely tuned valving system on the market. The Nitrocharger Sport range is the result of an exhaustive development program targeted at producing an advanced shock absorber with the capacity to deliver vast improvements in ride control, load carrying, durability and vehicle specific fine tuning. Utilising significant advances in key components and the latest in valving technology, Nitrocharger Sport shock absorbers provide tremendous improvements in ride, comfort and handling over all terrains.

BP-51 High Performance Bypass Shock Absorbers
The new BP-51 range of high performance, bypass shock absorbers is the result of an exhaustive development process aimed at delivering the ultimate in both comfort and control. Designed, developed and tested entirely in-house by ARB’s team of Old Man Emu Ride Control Engineers, BP-51 shock absorbers are vehicle specific and utilise existing mounting locations to provide easy installation without the need for additional vehicle modification. Unlike most other adjustable shock absorbers, which provide adjustment for compression only, the BP-51 range allows on vehicle, independent adjustability of both rebound and compression to offer class leading ride customisation that can be tailored to individual vehicle or trip requirements.

Watch the BP-51 shock absorbers in action - here
See how easy they are to fit - Front - here & Rear - here

Leaf Springs
Old Man Emu leaf springs are engineered to provide optimum ride performance irrespective of the operating conditions. Numerous spring options are available to suit a multitude of applications, allowing you to set your vehicle up for recreational or commercial purposes. Feature packed, a set of Old Man Emu leaf springs, matched to a set of Old Man Emu shocks, will deliver vastly improved ride handling and load carrying capability.

Coil Springs
ARB designs an extensive range of Old Man Emu coil springs for each vehicle, utilising state of the art micro-alloyed spring steel to ensure superior resistance to sagging and corrosion. With such a wide range on offer, coil springs can be better matched to your specific load requirements and intended vehicle usage. While ride height increases are attained, a greater emphasis is placed on ride control improvements. Further fine tuning is achieved when the springs are matched to a corresponding set of Old Man Emu shock absorbers, delivering a fully integrated system designed specifically to suit your vehicle.

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