Engineered in Australia and manufactured in the USA, the ARB intensity led light range delivers outstanding performance in all conditions.

Available in a spot, flood or combination beam (model dependent), Intensity LED driving lights and light bars are vastly more efficient than traditional halogen lamps, producing a white light that is the closest possible colour to sunlight. This reduces eyestrain and driver fatigue whilst also performing brilliantly on corrugated roads by producing a broad field of light that helps diffuse visible vibration.

The lights feature an ARB engineered heatsink with numerous fins to help prevent heat damage to the LEDs and surrounding components. The heatsink also ensures the LED circuits run cooler and produce an optimum light output while extending the light’s longevity.

ARB Intensity LED lights are engineered to withstand long periods of extreme conditions and are vibration certified to military standards, dust and waterproof to IP68 rating and are water submersible to 3m. 

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