Camping Accessories

With the wide range of ARB camping accessories - from roof tents to fridges, from chairs to a toastie maker - camping has never been more comfortable.

Roof Top Tents
An ARB rooftop tent will provide the ultimate in ease and convenience when travelling. Mounted to the roof of a vehicle and unfolding in minutes, a rooftop tent keeps your sleeping quarters off the ground and protected from the elements. Ideal for your next camping trip away, the Simpson III and Kakadu rooftop tents mean sleep-easy camping. Not only are they spacious and comfortable, but all bedding can remain inside the tent during the journey, freeing up vital storage space in the vehicle. This also allows for a fast setup, the next morning, simply fold the tent, slip on the cover and drive away.

Able to be mounted using both ARB’s purpose designed roof rack or roof bars, both tents can be mounted on a number of different angles for optimum versatility. The optional zip-on annexe for the Simpson III provides additional space and storage and has enough room to fit two stretcher beds without obstructing access to the rooftop sleeping area. Storm flaps are incorporated into the annexe and fold inward to eliminate water ingress, with the option for individuals to add their own floor if they wish.

Ground Tents
ARB’s SkyDome swag range provides a versatile, comfortable and convenient camping option when travelling off road. From the outset, SkyDome swags had to meet a set of meticulously researched criteria to ensure they matched ARB’s standards and delivered more features than other swags on the market. With a unique dome shape, the SkyDome provides a spacious interior that offers room to stretch out after a long day on the road. The generous length, width and height of the swag contribute to the industry leading space from head to hip, eliminating the often claustrophobic feeling of a traditional swag and allowing you to relax, bend your knees or sit up in the SkyDome.

The freestanding design of the swag ensures it can be conveniently placed on any flat surface without having to rely on pegs and guy ropes. This allows the swag to be set up on sand, rock or even concrete, while the corrugated foam mattress provides comfort on any surface.

Easy to mount and operate, these retractable awnings fit onto the side of most roof racks or roof bars and store neatly in a PVC bag or sturdy aluminium case for immediate use on arrival. Specifically designed for harsh off road conditions and coming complete with hardware and comprehensive instructions, each awning is rugged yet lightweight and will provide fast, convenient shade and protection from the elements.

Wind Breaks
Designed to angle out from ARB awnings, wind breaks offer additional protection from the rain while also providing extra shade and sun protection. 

Deluxe Awning Room with Floor
The Deluxe awning room with floor provides protection from the weather and insects, as well as additional privacy when camping and can be used as a fully enclosed room or mosquito net. Incorporating zipper operated two way solid and mesh access doors, the awning room is easy and quick to set up.

Fridge Freezers
Classic Range
Brilliantly researched and engineered, the classic ARB fridge freezer is acclaimed in the 4WDing industry for its durability, meticulous design and ease of use. The award winning design incorporates a drain plug, internal LED light and durable 90° fold back hinge that assists ease of use by keeping the lid open whilst removing items from the fridge. An integrated battery protection system prevents excessive discharge of a vehicle’s battery by allowing the user to select the minimum operating voltage. The classic range of fridge freezers are available in four convenient capacities to suit your individual needs. Accessories include -  protective covers, wiring loom, tie down system & fridge sliders.

Elements Fridge Freezer
The Ultimate 4WDer’s Fridge... Reinvented
Packed with the features an ARB fridge/freezer is renowned for and re-engineered to survive out in the elements. ARB’s fridge/freezer is packed with unique features that not only protect and secure, but also make accessing your food and drinks even easier. ARB’s ‘No Holds Barred’ approach saw their engineers include features previously left on the cutting room floor. Features formerly only dreamt about! With a body and hinges chiselled from stainless steel, anodised aluminium latches, UV resistant trim and clever, protected placement of electrical connections, the ARB weatherproof fridge/freezer is capable of withstanding anything Mother Nature can throw at it.

> LED lights
> Fluorescent light
> Head torch

Camping Accessories
> Navigator caravan & camping range - more details here
> Cooler bag
> Back pack
> Toiletries bag
> Swag bags
> Storm bags
> Sleeping bag
> Camping chair
> Toastie brander
> and more...

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