Air Lockers & Compressors

Designed and manufactured in Australia, ARB Air Lockers will enhance the traction of your 4×4 in just about any terrain, whether it’s rock, clay, gravel, sand, snow or mud. 

ARB Air Compressors provide many advantages when exploring the great outdoors. Whether for inflating tyres and camping accessories, running air tools, activating Air Lockers or even re-seating a tyre onto a wheel, there’s a model available to suit your needs.

Air Lockers
Created to provide 100% traction on demand, without sacrificing any of your vehicle’s highway driving performance, ARB air lockers employ a 12V air compressor designed to activate (and deactivate) a solid and durable locking mechanism inside the differential. The advantage of ARB’s air lockers lies in the pneumatically operated locking system that prevents the differential gears from rotating and therefore prevents the axle shafts from turning independently of each other. It reduces the likelihood of both vehicle and environmental damage.

On-Board Compressors
These provide many advantages for exploring. Whether inflating tyres and camping accessories, running air tools or activating air lockers, there’s a model available to suit your needs. Permanently mounted, the range of ARB vehicle mounted compressors are water, dust, heat and shock resistant to withstand the rigours of off-road travel. Each kit includes a full wiring harness with relay, multi-position mounting bracket and pressure switch.

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